I love to watch my media content with Plex on different devices. But every experience has to be secure this days. That's why I want to show you how to configure your Plex Media Server (PMS) and pfSense to work secure with every device in the local network.

  • Login to your Plex Media Server
  • Click on Server in the upper right corner
  • Now open the tab Network on the left
  • Select Required for the option Secure connections
  • Save the new configuration by clicking the button Save changes

Now only secure connections are allowed. Check out the official Plex article for more details.

Without the following configuration I was not be able to connect with my Samsung TV Plex App on my own Plex Media Server which only allows secure connections. As you can read in the official Plex article under DNS Rebinding some routers need an additional step to solve this problem. I use pfSense 2.3 (Community Edition). Older versions of pfSense are mostly similar to configure.

  • Login to your pfSense web GUI
  • Select Services
  • Choose DNS Forwarder
  • On the buttom in the section Domain Overrides press Add
  • Add the following settings as shown in figure (I use the public google DNS server here)
  • Press Save

We need to add this entry.

Enjoy the next movie with a secure connection to your PMS ;-)

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