Early this summer I preordered an interesting new product. Unifi announced the UniFi® Video Camera Micro. I tried to connect this new camera to my existing surveillance infrastructure - unfortunately with no success.

Today I saw an interessting post about a new firmware for the Micro camera. Cameras can now be configured in Standalone mode with native RTSP streaming.

We need to install the new firmware UVC.gen2.v3. to the camera. Go to the UniFi Video Blog post and download the installer unifi-video-v3.2.0-beta-x64-installer.exe. Extract with 7-Zip only the firmware from folder $_OUTDIR\fw\A5S\UVC.gen2.v3. in the .exe and upload it on the WebGUI of your camera.

We don't need to install the package. Just get the firmware.

We use the RTSP URL later to configure Surveillance Station.

Synology added H.264 and MPEG4 video formats for user-defined cameras in version 7.1-4056 of Surveillance Station. Be sure you run Surveillance Station 7.1-4056 or above. Add your camera and choose the following settings:

  • Brand [User Define]
  • Video format H.264
  • Source path /s0

Configure the camera with the informations from the RTSP URL.

To sum up. It's now possible to connect the new UniFi® Video Camera Micro to a Synology Surveillance Station.

  • Only the video stream is supported at the moment
  • build-in speaker and microphone are not supported

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