It's winter time and who don't like to watch SRF Podcasts on the big screen tv? Plex has a Schweizer Fernsehen plugin since 2009 initially started by André Arko. During the years the website was replaced several times. At the end the plugin was corrupt...

I tried to reactivate the plugin and did some changes. Finally Sander Spies accepted my pull requests and now you are be able to use the plugin again.

The installation is simple on the Plex web user interface:

  • Choose Channels on the left side
  • Press the orange button install channels
  • Search under video plugins for Schweizer Fernsehen
  • Press install... done!

Enjoy the podcasts in HD (if available) on your Plex Media Server (PMS) supported device.

Your PMS must have a higher version than, because the Services.bundle will be updated only with PMS updates.

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